Toys for the Children (TFTC) was founded in 1997 and is committed to providing toys, school supplies, household goods, and personal items to the children and families in the Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico, and elsewhere. We have delivered gifts to over 30,000 children since 1997.

As divers, we are privileged to visit some of the most beautiful places on earth - places where the local population typically lives well below the "American" version of the poverty line. Toys for the Children has one goal in mind: to give something back to these communities.

Each year, TFTC collects toys and other goods and volunteers personally distribute these items to the children and families in the areas we target. Our organization is supported entirely by volunteer efforts and we are proud to note that each year provides us with an opportunity to deliver more items to more children in need.

Whether you donate a toy, buy a raffle ticket, or sponsor TFTC by donating a prize, equipment, or trip, Toys for the Children provides the global diving community an opportunity to give something back to the places that have given us so much.

We are always looking for new volunteers and other ideas. If you have questions or need other information, Contact Us for more information.


Special Message
Jimmy Atkinson, the founder of Toys for the Children, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, 16 August 2012.

Jimmy had two main passions in life: Scuba diving and helping others. Jimmy was visiting Roatan, Honduras - a place that was very dear to his heart - to distribute toys and school supplies to local children. Jimmy had an unknown dive-related incident on Wednesday and died the following evening at a hospital. His family and friends take comfort knowing that he died doing what he truly loved.

Donations - The Jimmy Atkinson Library
As TFTC matured as an organization, Jimmy wanted to do more than just donate toys, which is why we expanded into distributing books, school supplies, and art supplies to as many children as we could. What many people never knew was that Jimmy would often buy bulk school supplies out of his own pocket to ensure that we could provide a gift bag with pens, pencils, and other items to every single kid who got a toy.

In lieu of flowers - and in honor of Jimmy's wishes - we are asking friends and family to donate and help us build the Jimmy Atkinson Library.

Jimmy always said he didn't want a funeral or other service when he died - he wanted a party. We therefore plan to do just that. More information will be posted here, once we have it.

Over the course of his life, Jimmy devoted himself to this organization and outsiders will never know how hard he worked to make it a success. He was motivated purely from a desire to help others in need and he made numerous sacrifices in his own life so these kids could have something a little better. Jimmy was loved by everyone who knew him and his personality and laughter always filled the room. He brought a lot of joy to tens of thousands of children in North America, South America, the Pacific Islands, and Africa.

We are going to miss you, Jimmy. You were a ray of light in a dark world.

Future Toy Drives
Please note that with Jimmy's unexpected passing, the 2012 charity efforts are currently on hold while we rally to determine how we will logistically transition all of the daily efforts he put into this organization. Our current plan is to organize the largest Toy Drive we can muster in honor of Jimmy and we will be passing along more information soon.


Buy Tickets Online!
You can now make donations or buy raffle tickets online thanks to our friends over at Scuba Toys. (Thanks Guys!)

Click the image below to buy tickets online.

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Stories from the Field
Below you will find first-hand accounts from supporters during previous years.

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